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The following are some of the highlights of the Puget Sound Early Birds' recent events and upcoming events

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Early Birds Magazine Article --- January / February 2011 Issue
5 PSEB Members and their spouse drove The Mother Road in late September and Early October, 2010.  There was 1 '56 T-Bird, 3 '57 T-Bird's and 1 2004 'V-Bird' [a Volvo as the owners '57 broke down with a collapsed rear spring in Seattle].  After 23-25 different hotels rooms on 23 -25 different nights and 6500 miles, we made it back to Seattle.  The trip went from Seattle to Chicago to the Santa Monica Pier and back to Seattle.  The only casualties were:  a broken generator, which was replaced with an alternator ('56 T-Bird), a power window motor and a thermostat (the same '57), a broken rear spring (another '57), a collapsed rear sprint (another '57 and they took the V-Bird), and a muffler/header crack (another '57).  There was some damage done to the cars, a hit and run in the parking lot in Amarillo, and some apparent vandalism (an attempt to steal the T-Bird Logo) in Oklahoma.  Not bad for almost a month on the road.  You can read all about it in the Early Bird Magazine.

PSEB Tours Naval Base Bangor--Home of the USS Nebraska
Our Prez did it again, with the help of his buddy, Chuck.  We were herded into Navy Bus and we toured a portion of the base.  See the Motor Mouth.  Also Check out the publication put out by Naval Base Bangor on the USS Nebraska. 

PSEB Tours the USS Stennis --- February 2010
See Motor Mouth for March   --- Duane Niemi, our Prez, was able to line a up a tour of the Nuclear Aircraft Carrier while in port. 

Early Bird Magazine Article  --- March / April 2009 Issue
Lead Article by Gordon Thorne (Page 10 of the CTCI Mar/Apr) outlined the events our club in 2008.  The webmaster particularly enjoyed the photo of the Starmist Blue '57 (License Plate:  IMSMILN).  Just like the days with the car was new, who wants to sit next the window when you can sit next to your guy.  Unfortunately, no 'neckers knob', but she knows how to shift when the driver works the clutch. . . . .    For more information see CTCI Early Birds.

LeMay Museum Tour
Personalized Private Tour of the LeMay Museum.  Les White a member of the Puget Sound Early Birds took us on a never-before allowed personalized tour of the Harold LeMay family’s private residence garages housing about 400 of his finer automobiles. . . . for more information see April Issue of "Motor Mouth"

Boeing Factory and Museum of Flight
The Everett Boeing Plant, the largest building in the world when measured in cubic feet, houses several assembly lines:  747, 757, 767, 777, and 787 under one roof.  Each line consists of about 6 planes under construction.  For more information see the article in "Motor Mouth".